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Fun Ball 4.5

Crawler Funball is a desktop toy, letting you make a ball bounce on your screen
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Crawler Fun Ball is a desktop toy that will let you make a ball bounce on your screen. You can choose to toss any of four balls, making them bounce against the boundaries of the screen, hearing a sound each time it hits the borders of the screen. You will be able to choose the settings for this program if you right click on the ball, once it has stopped bouncing. Doing so, you will enable the Fun Ball Toolbar (a utility that the installation program offers to install) along with Crawler Smilies. You can also fire the Crawler search engine, that will be opened in your default web browser. You will be able to set which ball you want to play with: American Football, Basketball, Baseball or Hot Air. The last ball will not be bouncing, you will see a Hot-Air balloon that will go up till it reaches the top of the screen. You will also be able to set a small size or a normal size of your ball. You can choose if you want to hear a sound or not when the ball bounces, and if you want it to be always on top. The "Settings" option will let you configure exactly the same parameters, plus, it will allow you to define the ball's transparency, and if it should bounce after an inactivity period. You can also use Crawler Fun Ball to snooze after fixed periods.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It gives you some additional features, like the snooze utility or the search engine access


  • It's difficult to uninstall it completely. The installation process modifies your IE security options without warning you
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